Custom bridal gowns range from $2000-$4000 and require 1-2 fittings. To discuss your dream wedding dress, please contact

Below are some examples of our custom wedding dresses.


White Silk Dupioni dress comprised of 78 strips of scales (around one thousand scales total) in gradually increasing sizes to create a natural flow for your guests' eyes to follow. The topstitched flatfelt seams on the strips of teal Silk Dupioni pay homage to The Queen of the Seas' military training on her homeworld. The Silk Chiffon ombre hand dyed train can be bustled in multiple fashions, including under the dress at the hem. The silk chiffon sash, attached at the collar can either be tucked into the back of the dress, or left loose and flowing like water.


White Silk Satin hand dyed dress. It seems only fitting for a Red Lantern to take a stroll through the flame inducing blood of her comrades on the way to the alter. Her rage could not control her from creating slits in her chest and up the front princess seam of her dress. The neckline, collar, low-cut backline, and gloves are representative of the former Green Lantern turned Red's costume.


White strapless Silk Satin dress with a nine foot grey Silk Georgette train. The train is meant to be bustled four times in the back resembling fanned out decks of cards. The hand pleated grey Silk Georgette blouse has a mandarin collar and handmade cover buttons to resemble her white button-up shirt. Placed over the dress and blouse is a black and white Silk Satin cincher with grey Silk Georgette cover buttons and trimming to represent her vest. This dress also includes black and white Silk Charmeuse magician's gloves and a birdcage veil attached to a top hat. This dress is guaranteed to have everyone at your wedding under a spell.


White Silk Dupioni dress comprised of 21 strips of fabric, each eight feet long, to create a natural, never-ending mummy wrap look. Strips are tacked in an invisible manner, so as the bride- you will know they will not shift- but to the guests at your wedding, the strips will seem untouched and moveable. The dress has a slight train but due to the shortened hem in the front, it is incredibly easy to walk and dance in.

Arachne: The Evans Wedding

Blood Red Silk Dupioni corset with eight straps resembling spider legs. The straps can be attached either at the skirt hem to create a full length dress, or at the interior corset waist to create a half-length bubble skirt look. The skirt is white Silk Taffeta.

Merker/McGrath Wedding

100% Silk Faille with pleats. Lace deconstructed from Christine's mother's wedding dress and appliqued onto the bodice and hem. Blue accent appliqued to hem of her dress underneath the lace.

Lawrence/Simonowits Wedding

White silk faille and blue leopard print tea length bridal gown with pockets, teal and black jersey convertible bridesmaids dresses with pockets, and blue tone flower girl tutu dress.