What We Do

Little Petal creates geek chic convertible dresses with pockets inspired by any character from any fandom. This means you are not limited to just our incredibly vast selection of already existing dresses (seriously, there are like 200). You can order any character concept, or any color combination! All dresses are available with reversible detachable hoods. And the skirt length on most dresses can be changed- floor-length is available on all listings. Each dress is hand made by one woman, so turnaround and price reflect this quality.

Our Mission

We create sneaky geeky dresses as opposed to costumes, so they can be worn to conventions as cosplay, to weddings as a bridesmaid dress, to work, on tour each night with your band, or anywhere in between. Little Petal strives to make all women and non-binary people feel included in a culture that was traditionally for cis men, so you can look as beautiful as you feel without sacrificing who you are. We believe representation matters so we ask our customers to model their own dresses and their photographs are always gorgeous.

We are a body positive company that believes in LGBTQ+ equality and intersectional feminism. Women are not sized so all dresses are custom made to your measurements. Whether you are petite or voluptuous, these pajama-soft dresses will fit you perfectly so you can feel comfortable in your body and look just as amazing.

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2019 Convention Schedule

4/26 - 4/28 - AwesomeCon, Washington, DC

8/9 - 8/11 - LeakyCon, Dallas, TX

8/29 - 9/2 - DragonCon, Atlanta, GA

More Dates To Be Announced - Check Back Often!

Never be boring. Always feel beautiful. Anything could happen.