I love designing dresses based on new character requests - most of the designs you see on my site only exist because the design was a special order! But due to how extremely time consuming these orders are, and because I am a one-woman shop, I can no longer accept new requests year-round. Thank you for growing with me as my shop changes to better serve all of my wonderful customers.

After this window closes, all existing designs will still be available year-round for purchase. The next new design window will be in 2020. Keep an eye out for new designs that havenā€™t been listed yet! <3


-All new design requests must be paid in full during the request period

-Spots for new designs are limited so please submit your request ASAP

-Cost depends on the character design (ie: how many colors, complexity of color blocking, skirt length, if you want a hood, etc)

-Your dress can be based on any character from any fandom!

-Submit your new design and measurements via the form below and I will contact you via email.

-If you do not know your measurements right now you can submit the form without them and send them when completing your order.

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Measure your height while barefoot
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Measure around your torso under your breasts but above your waist- essentially where your bra band sits. Please measure yourself (or even better, have someone measure for you) and DO NOT use your bra band size as it is often inaccurate. Please measure flat against the skin or thin clothing.
Measure from your underbust to the top of your knee
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