For custom character requests, bridal parties, convention bookings, or any other inquiries: please contact us at Please read the FAQ section below for turnaround time, shipping, pricing, and custom colors.


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New Custom Designs:

I am currently only accepting orders for new designs during select points of the year. The window for ordering will be announced first in The Petal Alliance, then on here and my other social media accounts. New design orders must be paid in full within this time period to secure a spot. I will be accepting a limited number of requests; the rest will be waitlisted until the next window for ordering. Due to the cost of professional photography and the work that goes into designing a new character-based dress we charge a $25 fee for new designs.

Important Note on Etsy Orders:

To make up for the fees charged by Etsy, all dresses sold through their site will be $10 more than on the Little Petal website. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please purchase your dress through the Little Petal website to avoid the fee.

Turnaround Time:

I am currently a one woman shop, so please allow approximately twelve weeks turnaround for all convertible dress orders. Turnaround time starts when you finish paying for your dress- not when a deposit is placed.  I am known for often finishing dresses within two weeks, and happily accept rush orders if you are in prompt communication with me about your order. Occasionally based on work load or life throwing wrenches in my schedule, the turnaround is slightly longer, especially if it is surrounding a convention. If you need your dress by a specific date, please include that when purchasing your dress and send a follow-up email two weeks prior.


All US orders of one dress are shipped USPS priority mail 2-3 day delivery with tracking for $15.

International dress orders are shipped by weight. If you live internationally and would like to check on the cost of shipping before purchasing, contact us. Sometimes the floor-length dresses end up weighing less than 4.01 pounds, which changes the USPS shipping price on international first class mail. ($45 for Canada; $45 less than 4lbs, $60 over 4lbs all other non-US countries). If you do not ask about shipping before ordering and your floor-length dress ends up weighing less 4lbs, you will be sent a voucher in the amount for a future order. International shipping is NOT 2-3 days- please confirm before placing a rush order.


Dress prices will never be based on customer size. While larger sizes do use more yardage, the concept of charging more for plus size is not in line with our principles so whether you are petite or voluptuous the price is the same per design. All bodies are equal and beautiful.

While full payment is preferred, we do offer scheduled payment plans. If you need to pay in deposits, email

The price is determined by how much yardage the design is the first time I make that specific dress and how time consuming the color blocking is to create. The dresses are a minimum of 5 yards of fabric with some having as many as 25 yards. As an example: two color dresses are generally the lowest price point (other than solid one color). Dresses that are floor-length or require me to cut and stitch a rainbow are naturally more expensive. All prices are listed in the shop section.

 Reversible, detachable hoods in colors that match your dress are now available for $50. This option is available in the drop down menu of every dress and you can see examples of the hoods here and here.


All dresses are custom made to your measurements so we are unable to issue refunds unless your concern is the fault of Little Petal. The dress must be returned in unworn condition. Refunds will not be given based on fabric color unless you sent a swatch or requested one prior to construction. Refunds will not be given based on turnaround time unless we miss the date of the event that you stated at time of purchase. In that event- you will be asked whether you would like a refund. Occasionally unexpected circumstances cause delays. If you feel your order has taken too long and a refund is warranted, please discuss with me! You may change the character or colors of your dress all the way up until the fabric is bought. If you would like to make a change, please contact me at

Custom colors and Bridal:

If your convertible dresses are for a wedding, you MUST either send a color sample or request a fabric swatch if you need the color to be a perfect match and then, if you are satisfied with the color, immediately submit a deposit so I can purchase the fabric. Dye lots change from roll to roll, colors sell out, and new colors are created. If a perfect match is necessary, please respond quickly to emails so I can make sure I get it for you.

The convertible dress gives the bride the option of having her wedding party all in the same gown, with each gal styled the same or uniquely. Bridesmaids love these soft jersey gowns because they are incredibly comfortable and can be worn again and again after the wedding. It is not a one time wear only dress! Wear them to weddings, parties, and even comic book conventions!

Thank you for your interest in Little Petal. I work every day towards my goal of building my customers' self esteem, one pretty dress at a time.

Still have questions? Contact me at

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