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Little Petal: Becca

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Written Instructions:

  • This is a backwards style
  • Start with the waistband at your overbust
  • Bring the straps to the front over your shoulders
  • Take the left strap and wrap it around your shoulder and under your armpit, creating a mock cap sleeve
  • Repeat with the right strap
  • Wrap the strap around your waist from the back to the front to the back again. Wrap around your waist again depending on length.
  • For more chest coverage: Instead of wrapping both straps around your waist, wrap one strap over your bust and the other strap over your waist (keep the straps wide so the strap over the waist slightly overlaps the strap over the bust)
  • Tie in the back with a double knot or a knot and a bow

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