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Little Petal: Kiri


Written Instructions:

  • Start with the waistband at your overbust
  • Drop your straps straight down
  • Take each strap and essentially cup each breast with them as you bring the straps to the back, pulling taut. (Each strap will have a triangle of fabric, smooth them out as much as possible) Make sure the straps are widened out
  • Cross them over your back (if you would like to show the lining color, flip the straps) and drape the right strap over your forearm
  • Cross the left strap over your bust horizontally.
  • Continue all the way around your back and drape it over your left arm
  • At this time, go under the strap and pull the fabric to smooth out the lumps
  • Cross the right strap over your waist horizontally and wrap it to the back.
  • Repeat once more
  • Tie the straps together at the back with a double knot or a knot and a bow


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