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Little Petal: Marian

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Written Instructions:

  • This is a backwards style.
  • Start with your waistband at your overbust
  • Bring your straps to the front
  • Wrap the straps over your chest to meet at the centerfront
  • Cross the straps over each other twice at the center front so that the right strap will be going back around the right side of your body and the left strap will be going back around the left side of your body (the sides they started from)
  • Widen the straps and wrap them around your waist once
  • Continue wrapping one around your waist again then loop it through at the center back and tie it to itself
  • With the other strap, fold the strap into itself so you only see the color you want showing. Twist it a little until it falls how you want it to. Loop it through the other strap so it has somewhere to hang
  • Tuck the end underneath the other strap around your waist

More examples of this tie coming soon!