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Little Petal: Fletcher

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Written Instructions:

  • Start with the waistband at your underbust and the straps over your shoulders
  • Cross the straps in the back in a wide x
  • Bring the straps around the front and wrap them around your waist once
  • If you want to show the lining color here, flip the straps once they are crossed behind your back
  • Make sure your straps are even by holding them straight out in front of you. If one is longer than the other, either tighten a strap or loosen a strap
  • At this point you can either widen the straps to fully cover your breasts or keep the straps bunched to look like an X (see variations below)
  • Take the strap from under your right arm, cross it over the right side of your chest and lay it over your left shoulder
  • Take the strap from under your left arm, cross it over the left side of your chest and lay it over your right shoulder
  • Pick up the original strap at the shoulder and loop the strap that is resting on your shoulder through it to create a wing or cape style
  • Repeat on the other side
  • Make sure your wings or cape is even by either pulling more of one strap through (tightening) or feeding the other strap back through and around your waist (loosening)
  • For more security in the wings/cape: Once the wing strap is looped through the part of the strap on your shoulder, wrap it around the original strap again and then pull it through the loop this will create. Make sure your knot is at shoulder level so the straps stay up (Watch Little Petal: Artemis for more details on this)
  • Smooth out the color around  your waist

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