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Little Petal: Shelly

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Written Instructions:

  • Start with the waistband at your underbust
  • Put your left strap over your right shoulder
  • Place your right strap over your right shoulder as well
  • NOTE: You can have both straps over your left shoulder instead of right, but make sure that the overlapping strap always sits on top
  • Make sure that the dress is hanging evenly (it tends to shift when you put both straps over one shoulder, which can cause too much side boob on the opposite side of the dress). Make sure the outside edges of the straps are even on both breasts/sides
  • Pull taut on the edges of your straps to avoid buckling
  • On your back: the strap that went across your chest (the left in this case) goes under your right armpit and the other strap goes across your back to your left side.
  • Flip the strap that is under your right armpit to show the other color and widen it
  • Wrap it flat across your chest, making sure there is room to overlap on the bottom
  • Take your other strap and wrap once around your waist in the opposite direction overlapping the top strap
  • Take both straps and wrap them around your waist to the center front
  • Cross the straps over each other twice at the center front so that the right strap will be going back around the right side of your body and the left strap will be going back around the left side of your body (the sides they started from)
  • If you fold the straps over themselves, you will see the lining color
  • Wrap the straps to the center back and tie in either a double knot or a knot and a bow

More examples of this tie coming soon!