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Little Petal: Jenna

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Written Instructions:

  • Start with the waistband at your underbust

  • Place the straps over your shoulders

  • Cross the straps into a wide X on your back

  • Wrap the straps around your waist once or twice depending on how long you want the tabard

  • Tie the straps together once at the center back and expose the lining color

  • Put the straps over your shoulders from the back to the front

  • Spread the straps out over your breasts

  • Tuck each strap through the front waistband so that they are hanging down in front of the skirt

  • If one strap is longer than the other: either tighten the opposite strap around the waist and pull it through the entire tie style more, or feed the longer strap back through the tie evenly


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