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Little Petal: Laura

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Written Instructions:

  • This is a backwards style
  • Start with the waistband at your overbust (or underbust if you do not want the skirt shortened by the style)
  • Take the straps from your back and pull them over your shoulders to the front
  • Cross one strap over the other, creating a wide X over your breasts
  • You want to make sure you are capturing each breast in the strap that is crossing over it and that the waistband is pulled up high enough that it is now covered by the straps
  • Bring the straps around to the center back. Cross them over each other
  • Wrap the left strap around the back and to the front, placing it horizontally over your bust and bring the strap to the back
  • Take the right strap and wrap it around the left side of your body (the opposite direction of the left strap) and around your waist, slightly overlapping the strap that is going around your bust
  • Wrap one strap around your bust again and the other around your waist again (if you feel that it is too bulky on your bust then wrap both straps around your waist instead and smooth them out)
  • Tie the straps at the back in a double knot or a knot and a bow

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