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Little Petal: Emily

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Written Instructions:

  • Start with the waistband at the underbust and your straps over your shoulders
  • At the shoulder: Flip the right strap from the inside to the outside to reveal the lining color
  • Repeat on the left strap (make sure you are mirroring the straps so both are being flipped from the inside to the outside)
  • Make an X across your back with the straps
  • Place one strap over your wrist to hold it in place
  • You are now going to create a mock bandeau bra!
  • Take the right strap and gather it in your hand
  • Pull the strap underneath both of the original straps and across your chest (make sure the strap is widened and smooth when crossing your chest to eliminate bulk)
  • Repeat with the left strap
  • Again, even both straps out so they are smooth and wide, providing full coverage
  • Wrap the straps around your back, then once around your waist
  • Tie at the back in either a double knot or a knot and a bow
  • Play with the colors around your waist to get it to be whichever color you want


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