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Little Petal: Tammy

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Written Instructions:

  • Start with the waistband at your underbust
  • Place the left strap over your right shoulder
  • Place the right strap over your left shoulder
  • It is important that the overlapping strap is sitting on top (right strap)
  • Take the strap that is now on the right shoulder and cross it back to the left shoulder, showing the lining
  • Take the other strap that is on the left shoulder and cross it back to the right shoulder (also showing the lining) so that both straps are on their original side
  • Make sure the edges of the straps are pulled taut so that they is no buckling at the center front and sides
  • At the back, cross the straps over each other at least three times to create a braid down your back
  • Widen the straps out and wrap them once around your waist
  • Cross the straps over each other in the back
  • Take one strap and flip it over itself. Flip it again. Repeat until it has a candy cane effect
  • Repeat with the other strap
  • Wrap the candy cane straps around your waist
  • Tie at the back with a double knot or a bow


To create a shorter skirt on the handkerchief dress:

  • Take the two corners on the right and tie them together
  • Take the two corners on the left side and tie them together

More examples of this tie: