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Little Petal: Aisha

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Written Instructions:

  • Start with the waistband at your underbust
  • Put your left strap over your left shoulder
  • Place your right strap over your left shoulder as well
  • NOTE: You can have both straps over your right shoulder instead of left, but make sure that the overlapping strap always sits on top
  • Make sure that the dress is hanging evenly (it tends to shift when you put both straps over one shoulder, which can cause too much side boob on the opposite side of the dress). Make sure the outside edges of the straps are even on both breasts/sides
  • Pull taut on the edges of your straps to avoid buckling
  • Starting slightly under your shoulder blade at the back: Cross one strap over the other two times (for a longer braid, cross them over each other more times). After the first cross over is a good time to check if you need to pull the edges of the straps taut again to avoid buckling at the front
  • Bring the straps across your back and around to the front
  • Wrap the straps around your waist once or twice depending on how long you want your bow
  • Tie at the back in a double knot or knot and a bow

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