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Little Petal: Yasmine

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Written Instructions:

  • Start with the waistband at your underbust
  • Take the right strap starting at your collarbone and flip it to create a cap sleeve, revealing the lining
  • Take the strap and flip it again. Make sure you are flipping the straps smoothly so the colors are even. To get the most even colors: flip the straps; do not just twist them
  • Continue flipping the strap until you are about halfway down your back creating a candy cane look
  • Leave it draped over your shoulder so we can mirror the candy cane on the other strap
  • Make sure you are flipping from chest to shoulder so the right and left strap mirror each other (alternatively flip both straps from the shoulder to the chest)
  • Keep flipping to create the candy cane
  • Flip the strap all the way down your back to your waist
  • Take the first strap and twist it until it is even with the other strap
  • Cross them at the back to make an X
  • Make sure the straps on your chest are pulled taut. If they are not- take them at collarbone level, where the twist starts and pull them taut from there, then again at the back.
  • Widen the straps when you are almost at your side, make sure you are doing this early enough that you won’t have a thick lump under the other strap layers around your waist- but not too early or you won’t have the twisted X across your back.
  • Take the widened straps and wrap them around your waist twice
  • Double knot at the back
  • Smooth out the waist if there are any lumps. Make sure whatever color you like is showing

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