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Little Petal: Artemis

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Written Instructions:

  • Start with the waistband at your underbust
  • Place the right strap over your right shoulder, and the left strap over your left shoulder
  • Loop the straps through each other to make a knot at your back
  • Make sure your straps are even by holding them straight out in front of you. If one is longer than the other, either tighten a strap or loosen a strap
  • Wrap straps once around your waist and knot once at the back. This knot should be lower than the first knot
  • Take the right strap and pull it straight up, going under the right sides of the X made by the first back knot. You will be going under two straps. This is important because it creates stability and keeps the straps from looking too bulky
  • Once the strap is pulled all the way up to shoulder level, wrap it around the original strap again and then pull it through the loop this will create. Make sure your knot is at shoulder level so the straps stay up
  • Take your left strap and repeat: pulling it straight up under the left sides of the original strap’s X, knotting it at the shoulder, and spreading the strap wide.
  • At this point, make sure the straps are hanging evenly in the back. The knot should be at the same point on each shoulder and the straps should end together in the back
  • If one side is longer than the other, you do not have to undo the style, just take the shorter strap from as close to the beginning as possible and pull it taut throughout so it adds length to the cape so both sides are even. You may also need to take the longer strap and feed it back through so it is not as taut so they are even. Basically just play with them until they’re even
  • Once they are even, make sure your waist is smoothed out and whichever color you want is showing
  • Make sure the straps are widened at the shoulders, falling down your back so now you have either a cape or wings depending on your character

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