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Little Petal: Kelsy

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Written Instructions:

  • This is a backwards style
  • Start with the waistband at your underbust (or overbust if you would like the dress shorter/ or for more coverage over your breasts)
  • Bring the straps from your back to your front over your shoulders
  • Fold the straps over themselves to reveal the lining color and so that they are about a 1/3 of their original width
  • Make a ā€œVā€ over your chest down to the opposite underbusts
  • Bring the straps to your back and widen them
  • Wrap the left strap over your left breast then dip down to the right underbust
  • Wrap the right strap over your right breast then dip down to the left underbust
  • The straps are now crossed over each other on your chest to create a sweetheart neckline
  • It is important that the straps are wide so they can be slightly overlapped at the underbust as you wrap the straps around your waist
  • As mentioned, wrap the straps around your waist
  • Tie at the back with a double knot or a knot and a bow

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