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"I love Little Petal, so much! my fiance already has 1 dress from them, and is getting her wedding dress from them too!!! I can't tell you how awesome it is that they make these amazing tutus, because now I have something of theirs to wear too!!!"
-Jon Simons, 9/25/2014

"When I saw a princess inspired tutu, I knew it would be perfect for the spoiled three year old in my life. Since are of limited availability, I made sure to snatch it up now, in case they're gone by Christmas time. The item arrived very quickly, and is too perfect. The elastic for the waist is tough, the sewing hardy, and will stand up to heavy use. The colors are expertly chosen to match my desired theme (Elsa from Frozen), and arranged in a way to create a beautiful multi-layered effect. The only downside is I have to wait three months to give it to the kid. Brilliantly designed, excellently constructed, and quickly delivered. Full disclosure: I am friends with the proprietor IRL, and want her to succeed. If I had problems, I would tell her, not lie about it here. Deception won't help in the long run."
                                                                     -Ian Davis, 9/9/2014

"Exactly what it was meant to be!"
-Aaron Hagey-MacKay, 9/2/2014

"I love my convertible Wonder Woman dress! As a plus sized woman, it's hard to find good cosplay that makes me feel fun & feminine while also flattering my figure. I love my Little Petal dress because wearing it to a con guarantees a weekend of nonstop compliments. I also love the flexibility of a convertible dress. For summer cons, I can keep cool by wrapping it up off my shoulders (and use the rest of the fabric as a mock cape!) In the fall, I can wrap it so it pulls down over my arms. Throw on a pair of tights and boots and it's snug and warm. It's so awesome & empowering to find a Wonder Woman dress that both fits comfortably & makes me feel genuinely sexy."
                                                     -Chris-Rachael Oseland, 8/14/2014

"I'm so happy about this dress, I can't even stand it. I asked Danielle to give me tentacles and she turned me into a sea witch. I may have stolen her voice in thanks."
-Emily Wagner, 7/24/2014

"OH MY GOD. I cannot find the proper words to describe how much I love my Artemis dress. When I got it, I literally squee-ed in happiness! It was the right green! It feels great and I love wearing it! <3 Can't wait to buy another one."
                                             -Elizabeth Trinket, 7/22/2014

"My dress is LOVELY! Danielle was very easy to chat with regarding the order, and offered many options -- and wise advice -- on my Booster Gold dress. I love the colors, the way it looks, and the ease of wearing. I received it well within the expected time frame, and sooner than I expected. I can hardly wait to wear it out! (And the YouTube videos with tying instructions are very helpful!)"
-Melinda Schmidbauer, 7/21/2014

"This is the best. This is actually the best thing ever. No I mean actually. The best. My best friend bought me this as a surprise SDCC gift and it fits like a dreeeeam. Breathable and comfy, and the tying possibilities are endless, I can wear it a hundred ways. This is the most comfy thing I now own. Also, it's the best. The cape is especially spectacular. This is easy but solid and recognizable cosplay, and perfect for nerd partying. I love it, and can't wait to wear it!!!"
                                                                -Alanah Cervantes, 7/20/2014

"I couldn't be happier with my dress. It's exactly what I had hoped for and so much more. I plan on buying several more dresses in the future. The quality and craftsmanship is amazing."
-Krystle Dionne, 7/15/2014

"I love this dress so much. I wore it to a convention and had it tied one way during the day, then switched to a slightly more daring style at night. It was perfect! Everyone was complimenting me, even if they had no idea what Adventure Time was. A ton of people didn't even realize it was the same dress. :) I'm already planning my next Little Petal dress."
                                                      -Emily Wagner, 7/14/2014

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