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"Shipped very fast, fabric is incredibly soft & durable; amazing quality! I immediately tried it on, & it fit perfectly! (: even though the weather's getting colder, I'll still be rocking this with leggings underneath to show off this awesome, nerdy fashion."
-Lauren Picariello, 11/4/2014

"I wish I could give this more stars. 1) The dress is fantastic. It's comfortable and well- made, not to mention gorgeous. 2) The seller, Danielle is amazing. She's funny and upbeat, willing to work with you. I want to buy so many more dresses. Ladies (or gents) if you've been waiting to buy one of these marvelous dresses, this is your sign. Do it. I promise you won't be sorry!"
                                                          -Lauren Gunther, 10/31/2014

"I love my dress! The workmanship is outstanding, it is super comfortable and it can be as conservative or flashy as I'm inclined to wrap it for the occasion. Danielle just needed a few of my measurements before sewing this beautiful dress. It really makes a difference when clothing is made to fit--especially for short people like me. But every body looks good in Danielle's dresses because they are made for individual bodies. :)"
-Karla Ivarson, 10/27/2014

"Absolutely love love LOVE my tutu!! Once I save some money up...I'm definitely purchasing a dress!!"
                                                         -Tara Yanagisawa, 10/22/2014

"SUPER-AWESOME! I love my Bucky Barnes dress. :3 The lining of the straps is different on each side, and it gives it such a great look! Modeling it was sooooo much fun. The material is soft, but also has a nice weight to it and drapes wonderfully. The circle skirt is very satisfyingly twirly! I can't wait to play around with all the different styles!"
-Julia Lezoff, 10/21/1014

"Can I say how absolutely fantastic it was to work with this seller? Met her at baltimore comic con and got my measurements right on the spot! I was able to work out a payment plan for my dress but decided to pay it at once because I couldn't wait. I cant wait to wear this all the time. I plan on wearing it casually and as a cosplay inspired piece. Seller had great communication when tracking froze in jersey but this was nothing done on the sellers part. I will definately be buying again!"
                                                                       -Eve Cowan, 10/11/2014

"Amazing quality and very well put together!!!"
-Chelsey Marnon, 10/9/2014

"Working with Little Petal to get a custom dress was an absolute pleasure. The dress came out wonderfully. Advice: Spring for pockets!! You'll be glad you did."
                                                 -Klause Kneale for Desiree Marie, 09/30/2014

"I FREAKING LOVE MY TUTU. I'm already finding every excuse possible to wear it. Wearing it makes me want to prance, spin, and flounce everywhere I go! The quality is amazing, and the body-image-friendly sizing makes me giddy (what size do I wear? Bodacious. I'm BODACIOUS!!!). My fiance and I are going to wear our tutus to NYCC together! His is Deadpool-inspired, and almost as awesome as mine ;) - I bought it for him for our anniversary, didn't you know 5 years dating is the Tulle Anniversary? ;) Little Petal rocks at making really awesome fandom-inspired items, and has a happy-customer-for-life in me!"
-Christine Lawrence, 9/27/2014

"High quality and super cute! Can't wait to wear it!"
                                                          -Mary Austin, 9/26/2014

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