Our favorite part of creating gorgeous comic book dresses is seeing our customers' incredible responses. Please join our other 5-Star reviews by leaving your squeeeee here!

     "GORGEOUS work, and it took a while for me to be able to get it [pay my convention balance] done, and she was very patient with me. :-)"
  -Kathryn Pasquale, 3/23/2015

"What can I add that hasn't already been said? Excellent construction as always, and fabulous design. I love the silver tips on the straps, like arrowheads! :D That might be my favorite part. The color scheme looks very elegant, I can definitely wear it somewhere fancy and no one would even know I'm showing off my obsession! Unless they're equally obsessed. I'll look great and can find other Hawkeye fans, so much win!"
                                                                -Julia Lezoff, 3/12/2015
"Long Story Short: Would Definitely Recommend Again and Again! I love that this was custom made and clearly very well crafted, the quality of the dress makes the price totally worth it since I will be able to wear this dress to the ends of the earth and back! The shop owner, Danielle, was amazingly helpful, she kept in contact with me about the dress and the progress, she made sure I knew of any offers she had to add on to the dress like Pockets, and as soon as I told her when I needed it she made sure to get it to me on time. She was very personable and fun to talk to. It is clear to me as the customer that she cares about me and she wants to make sure I get what I paid for, which I absolutely did. She was so friendly it felt like I was having a family member make the dress for me. Thanks so much Little Petal!"
-Alia Akkerman, 3/11/2015

"I love my dress and I'm so excited to wear it it looks awesome I can't wait to order more from Little Petal."
                                                                -Tiffany Olmo, 3/10/2015

"I LOVE THIS DRESS I WILL WEAR IT FOREVER! Seriously though it's gorgeous and the design is exactly what I was picturing in my head. As always it is so so so so comfy and I would gladly buy enough of Danielle's dresses to wear them every day of my life (that's the dream). Also, the pockets are so great and I love it and every girl needs a Little Petal dress in their life."
-Samantha Beard, 3/1/2015

"Quick shipping, absolutely beautiful and just perfect!! I can't wait to show it off at cons!! Thank you, thank you!! I'll recommend you to anyone and everyone!! I love my dress so much!! Can't wait for the next one :-)"
                                          -Cassandra Lindeberg, 2/7/2015

"It was here so quick. Quality fabric, awesome versatility, love her work."
-CaryAnn West, 2/3/2015

"Love it! I've already tried it on and played with different ways to wear it. Thanks so much for this!"
                                                            -Amanda Siecinski, 1/28/2015

"Absolutely worth every penny. I love this dress."
-Melissa McCloskey, 1/28/2015

"The only issue I'm having right now is that New York winters are a little too cold to justify wearing this dress everyday, but even so I get to practice at wrapping the dress in different awesome styles in the privacy of home because it definitly takes practice to get the wrap good. Also the pockets are perfection."
                                                 -Ashley Werner, 1/19/2015

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