Helpful tips when tying your convertible dress:

  • Put your dress on over your head to prevent the waistband from stretching.
  • Tying your dress can cause the skirt of your dress to ride up. Simply pull it back down once your dress is tied so it is even again.
  • The more you play with your dress the easier tying it will be. Mix and match fronts and backs. Flip, twist, and fold straps to reveal different colors. The possibilities are endless! If you come up with a brand new style let us know! We love hearing from you :)
  • Make sure you are pulling the straps taut the whole time you are tying your dress. It will hold the style more securely and ensure that the center front does not have an air gap. Certain styles require you to pull taut on the center of the straps towards the beginning of the tie for this reason.
  • Try to keep the straps smooth and wide as they are wrapped around your waist to reduce bulk. Once the dress is tied, go back under the layers of the straps around your waist to smooth out any lumps in the fabric.
  • Almost every photograph on our site is taken without our customers wearing a bra- from A cups to H cups. Some styles can be worn with a bra. All styles can have a shirt worn under them for added coverage. The straps are very supportive, similar to a sports bra, but if you would like to wear a bra strapless and X back bras are also a good option and easier to conceal with many ties.