Badass Babe of the Week: Gina Cardilla

Gina currently sells watches but aspires to write novels. She is also the newest Little Petal convention team member #boothbabeextraordinaire . Her favorite characters are Hawkeye, Luna Lovegood, Mae Borowski from Night in the Woods, and Purah from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Her favorite fandoms include Gaming YouTubers, Harry Potter, LOTR, Legend of Zelda, and The Princess Bride- which she named her cats after (Buttercup and Westley). She is particularly obsessed with Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb (one of her dresses is based on Danny SexBang). Her nickname is Grandma.

I met Gina at Magfest 2016 where her and her bestie, Amanda, spent probably hours at my booth letting other girls order before them because they could see how busy we were. Putting other people first is definitely an obvious character trait of theirs. At Magfest this year, Gina hovered in front of my table in her Mettaton dress, noticed how shot our voices were getting, caught on to what we were saying, and started giving the spiel to anyone who came to look- real life testimonial style. This might sound easy but it is a lot of information to tell each potential customer about the dresses so to just pick it up like that is incredibly impressive. I asked her if she would like to booth babe at Colossal Con, Dragon Con, and Awesome Con shortly after. Colossal Con ended up being the ultimate "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" weekend and somehow Gina managed to hold it together like a pro. Even with the show being an abnormal bust for us, I was able to laugh it off because of how phenomenal she was- both in how easy going she was about everything, and in how perfectly she said and did everything at the booth (my retail expectations are high because I am a robot and she went above and beyond them). She had so much weighing her down and just kept enthusiastically powering through and it's the only reason I was able to stay sane. Also seeing how giddy she got by every Danny SexBang cosplayer and any time she saw a photo of my dog helped.

Thank you Gina for being my newest companion and for being so passionate about my company. I appreciate you so much and just want you to know how important you are. All the best parts of you, that you're too humble to think others might see, are much clearer than you realize.