Badass Babe of the Week: Akasha-Régine Hembley

Akasha is a cook at the MGM who aspires to open her own Latin Asian restaurant. Her favorite characters and fandoms are Moana, Lilo & Stitch, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Marvel, and Doctor Who. She loves singing and dancing (which was very obvious to me, especially being that she sang throughout her Moana photoshoot). She believes in a past life, she was a Broadway star. The musicals she is most obsessed with are Rent, Wicked, Guys & Dolls, Hairspray, Hamilton, All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten, and Monty Python.

Akasha came to my booth at Magfest with a face that started out "alright, what is this" that quickly changed to "WAIT WHAT IS THIS". She did the cutest little happy dance (that I posted on Instagram) once she decided she wanted to be Moana, and has been a nonstop ball of excitement since. I was SO looking forward to her photoshoot because I knew that her reaction would be the definition of what keeps me creating dresses and owning a small business where I get to interact with every customer. She's just so clearly full of love and someone who gives you life to be around.

Thank you Akasha for the consistent enthusiasm keeping me pumped till you could model your dress, and the onslaught of photos you've sent or posted since then. I LOVE IT AND I LOVE YOU.

PS: Within a day of owning her dress, she sent me photos of it tied 3 different ways, including one she made up herself. Then she said she sent me this photo which is the "Dani" tutorial because she loves me. So yea, she's constantly sweet. <3