Badass Babe of the Week: Margot Kavendek

Margot is the owner/ photographer at Kavendek Photography and a booth babe extraordinaire at Little Petal. Her favorite fandoms are Sailor Moon, Overwatch, Star Trek, Steven Universe, and Monster High. Her favorite characters are Amethyst, D.Va, and Ghoulia Yelps. She has three cats, a menagerie of reptiles, and after a lifelong crush on Commander Riker, married a man who looks shockingly like him. Margot is an advocate for raising mental health awareness, specifically about autism. She is also a really phenomenal singer.

Margot is one of my closest friends in the world. We butt heads often but always make up because we know that we each have our own particular set of anxieties that cause us to have specific reactions- and I think we are stronger for it. I deeply admire how openly she discusses her own struggles with mental health and having people understand her, and just how frustrating that can be. She is one of the most passionate people about my company- always promoting it everywhere, always suggesting it to everyone, always tagging it on statuses, always literally encouraging women who ask her about her dresses to feel them. She is also that friend who remembers all of my favorite things and always tries to surprise me with little gifts- and even gets sad somethings sells out too quick. She's that person who, if they one the lottery, they would likely spend their entire earnings on buying their friends things because it's important to her to bring others joy. I find her extremely endearing and if you do not have a friend like this in your life, I highly suggest searching until you find one and reminding them how important they are frequently.

Dear Margot, I appreciate you so much. I am sorry for every time I lose sight of that, and thankful for how much we are capable of teaching each other. Never doubt yourself. And for the love of all things holy, please start singing more often. Your voice could move mountains. Love you to the moon and back.