Badass Babe of the Week: Shea Wishard

Shea is a technical writer and former English teacher who aspires to be a published author. Most of her writing blends the boundaries between reality and fantasy. When she looks at the world, she see it the way it's presented in Big Fish and Finding Neverland: something fantastical. (I would definitely buy her books)! Her favorite fandoms are Avatar and Mass Effect. FemShep is her personal hero because "she is an unapologetic badass with phenomenal voice acting." Video games and fantasy were a huge part of her childhood. Her brothers and her were constantly coming up with imaginative games and stories when they weren't collaborating on Mario or Sonic. It sounds like she was born to be a storyteller.

At Magfest, Shea ordered a custom design based on Katara because according to her- "she protects the people she loves. Her family and friends are her everything." She very clearly has a gigantic heart and embodies her chosen character- which I always love. My table is super overwhelming to look at during conventions because it is just full of beautiful women looking thrilled in bright dresses- so I tell people to just look up, ignore the photos, and ask themselves who they would want to be if they could be any one character. Who do they see themselves as? And I think she nailed it. Based on just her writing style in our emails and her view of the world, I personally cannot wait to read her first book.

Thank you Shea for trusting my concept and sending me tons of photos of you in your dress, which always makes me feel soooooo damn instantly better about my life.