Badass Babe of the Week: Hesa Oertly

Hesa, aka Heather, Oertly works in the frozen tundra of the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond. Her favorite fandoms are Batman, Captain America, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, Elfquest, and Farscape. She is a vegetarian who loves owls, waffles, and will never have too many cats. Hesa firmly believes everything should be purple.

I cannot fully remember which convention Hesa ordered her dress at because I was lucky enough for her to visit my table at almost every convention I have done this year (99% positive it was Magfest). Her obsession with the color purple was immediately apparent when she asked for the Stephanie Brown dress. Even though I know she is a blonde, when I think about her, I always imagine her with purple in her hair- which I assume is what her D&D character would look like at least. She visited me at AwesomeCon in her dress and it was extremely obvious that she wanted to order a second but was patient and let everyone else at the fully packed table get their orders in, and just emailed me afterwards to set up a time to meet at DragonCon, which I appreciated an incredible amount. It does not go unnoticed by me when my customers see that I'm overwhelmed and treat me with compassion because they know that I am not going to forget about them. Anyone who shows others compassion skyrockets to the top of my list of favorite people pretty quickly (especially the ones who visit me to give me quick hugs at conventions!) I don't normally include customer's reviews in these write-ups but she really wrote the ultimate one that touched base on almost every worry customers have while still showing how much personality she has:

"I love my dress so much and I am not a dress-wearing person usually!! Batgirl dress, so much twirling about and looking awesome while being super comfy. We literally wrapped me in it like a mummy and it still looked good. :) There is so much you can do with these dresses; I will definitely be a repeat customer! Cannot express how much I love wearing it, and I'm slowly learning, and getting better at tying the dress! Holding the entire thing in your arms is like holding a bunch of wet towels, so heavy, but once it's on, it's the lightest, most comfy thing I own. And I highly recommend pockets!!"

Thank you Hesa for being patient with your dresses and visiting me all the time. You and previous Badass Babe of the Week, Chaitali, are the inspiration for the hopeful Little Petal after party next AwesomeCon!