Badass Babe of the Week: Emily Tiedeman

By day, Emily is an IT project manager. By night, she sells LulaRoe, comfortable and modest clothing for kids and adults. ( Her favorite fandoms are Doctor Who, Firefly, and Harry Potter. She obviously loves She-ra! She has a Corgi named River (@riverthecorgi) and they compete in agility. She also has a German Sheperd/ Golden Retriever mix who is a retired therapy dog.

Emily's reaction to her dress the first time she saw it on herself in the mirror of the bathroom at Magfest was so enthusiastically perfect- that later in the day the woman who was in the bathroom with us came up to the table and bought a dress for herself. (I really should be taping customer's reactions to their dresses because the squees are the cutest)! She's so patiently sweet, and now after learning her dog's name, I understand our mutual obsession with River Song -who she ordered a second dress based on three months after receiving her first dress.

Thank you Emily for being a repeat customer whose smile pumps me up whenever I see you at my booth!