Badass Babe of the Week: Danielle Nolasco

Danielle is an aspiring computer technician putting herself through college and chasing her dreams. She builds her own computers and is planning on writing a book. She is particularly obsessed with Dragon Age. I mean- "My favorite characters are all of them. Main DA romances are Zevran, Fenris and Sera. Fave bad guy is Corphy because dat voice actor. I can't stop playing mages. I have a nug and a mabari plush, named Piddlypoops and Ser Calenhad respectively." I particularly enjoy when someone is really really into one specific thing so I thought I'd share that. Danielle also has a cat named Eddard after Ned Stark, is addicted to hot fries, and is a lvl20 in Pokémon Go.

Danielle came back and forth to my booth at Magfest a couple times debating on a custom Morrigan dress, just as everyone does with their orders. She came to model it in Manhattan, and will always stick out to me because I think in the two and a half years that I've been having my photographs taken professionally, Danielle is the only girl who ever just stood in front of the mirror and wrapped herself in her dress while she was waiting for me between shots. Obviously I rewrapped her because I am anal retentive but she did a great job for a first go around! Typically the shoots are very goofy for as systematic as they are, but something about this just gave me the utmost joy. It was like she had to know just what she could do with her dress, and it's exactly what I tell everyone to do when they first receive theirs out of the box. Her inquisitive behavior and ultra nerdiness make her this week's Badass Customer Babe.

Thank you my fellow Danielle for your taking me off guard with your curiosity and for visiting my booth again at AwesomeCon!