Badass Babe of the Week: Dana Rasmussen

Dana is a federal data cruncher who truly embodies her chosen character! She loves Legend of Zelda, Bob's Burgers, Dragon Age, and Steven Universe. She is a huge fan of reinterpreting her favorite stories and characters to be able to rep them along with herself.

I was SO excited when Dana messaged me asking about Sardonyx because I had just started watching Steven Universe and was so pumped on this incredible show that successfully infuses intersectional feminism into it, and had also just made Lapis, Opal, and Rose. When I found out that she is 6'5", I wanted to do a back flip at how perfect of a choice the character was. We unfortunately were not able to schedule a photo shoot but I managed to be able to meet up with her at AwesomeCon to tie her up and talk a bit before rushing back to my table. I'm so glad Sardonyx stole your heart so you could be my Giant Woman.

Thank you Dana for telling me you admire my dresses, trusting my design, and being a Badass Giant Babe!