Badass Babe of the Week: Rebecca Rose

Rebecca, aka Luna TikTok, is an International Burlesque and GoGo Dancer who spends her time between Glasgow and NYC. Her favorite fandoms are Star Wars, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and Supernatural. Her favorite characters are Captain Marvel (Shazam!), Brienne of Tarth, Hellboy, Shaak Ti, and Wonder Girl/Donna Troy. She has a special place in her heart for Darwyn Cooke (my personal favorite comic book artist and writer as well).

Rebecca owns the first ever custom comic book inspired convertible dress! Three years ago, I was making solid color convertible dresses for bridesmaids and my traveling musician friends to bring on tour, and I thought, "this would be more fun as Wonder Woman." She hopped on the opportunity to own the first one. Little did she know I was going to eventually have her model 40 different tutorial styles so she would be the most recognizable person on the website! I have known Rebecca for a long time from when I was a manager at St. Mark's Comics before I started Little Petal. She is one of the most heartfelt and committed girls I've ever met. I'm endlessly proud of her every time I get to look at her completely captivating photos on my website.

Thank you Rebecca, for being the face of Little Petal and remaining vibrant for hours and hours of photoshoots. I love you <3