Badass Babe of the Week: Acacia Sears

Acacia, also known as Ms. Cacie, writes progressive, feminist songs for children. Her first album, "Only Yes Means Yes", which was funded at almost twice it's Kickstarter goal, just came out on itunes and Amazon. ""Yes Means Yes!" AKA "The Mommies on the Bus Say: Smash the Patriarchy" is a progressive, empowering album for children and the adults they love. Each song seeks to entertain while providing the opening for a dialogue about feelings, experiences, and confusing but important topics. Some include: consent, ableism, anxiety, empathy, and non-binary gender, all while incorporating fun, singable, danceable, playable tunes." She is currently teaching Ms. Cacie's Ukulele Academy to children at Greenberries in Baltimore. Acacia is a knitwear designer and flower crown enthusiast, who enjoys writing a good murder ballad for adults when she isn't writing feminist music for children. She loves anything post-apocalyptia like Mad Max: Fury Road and Adventure Time, and she named her daughter River after characters in Firefly and Dr. Who (RIVER SONG IS THE BEST)

The way I met Acacia was really darling and hilarious to me. She came up to the booth at AwesomeCon 2015 just to look at pretty dresses. Upon looking at the table, she started screaming "THAT'S MY SISTER THAT'S MY SISTER", totally unaware that her sister Jordan had modeled a dress for me (all of our models are our customers... which leads to pleasantly startling reactions of I KNOW THAT PERSON sometimes). We then designed a dress based around the colors in her favorite flower crown that adorns her head while she plays. Now she messages me regularly to tell me how many compliments she gets each performance she wears it at. I particularly appreciate Acacia because she is vocal about her struggles with a lot of similar problems that I face, such as deep anxiety and depression- which are problems that I feel more people should try to be open about if they are able to. It helps destroy the stigma. She is also helping to mold young minds into understanding the importance of consent- which is the most vital time to learn it- and how to treat other humans. What she is doing is significant. I hope she tells herself that each morning when she wakes up. If you have any kids you love, buy them this album.!/id1124119550

Thank you Acacia, Ms. Cacie, for literally helping change future generations for the better, and obviously for constantly reminding me how much you love my dresses.