Badass Babe of the Week: Chaitali Shah

Chaitali spends her life keeping people on the right side of the law. Her favorite fandoms are Star Wars (if you couldn't tell by her custom Ahsoka Tano dress) and The Last Airbender. She would be in danger of turning into a crazy cat lady without her husband preventing her from going to the shelter every week.

Chaitali is an AwesomeCon 2015 customer who came back to visit us again this year, looking stylin' with her spot on scarf accessory! The impression she left on me is that she is patient, open minded (or definitely trusting of my creative mind), and knows what she wants. She never had the chance to make it to Manhattan to model, so I wasn't able to show her the custom Ahsoka wrap I made up just for her dress. So I left my booth and gave her a little tutorial session at the convention! The booth is always slammed with new customers when we are in DC, and I feel terrible not being able to chat longer with my current customers. The brief walk to and from the bathroom with her made me realize I really need to host an after party next year so I can catch up with all of my Badass Babes because I love hearing from them.

Thank you Chaitali for getting my creative juices flowing. I'm excited to hang out for longer than like ten minutes next year!!!