Badass Babe of the Week: Julia Lezoff

Julia works as a registered nurse (RN) on a cardiovascular/ICU stepdown unit. She describes the job as "difficult, and there are tough days, but it's so worth it." Julia is a Brooklyn Baby, currently living and working in central Pennsylvania. She has a BA in Psychology, "which is about as useful as a BA in English." She also enjoys reading about astronomy and quantum physics for fun. Science! Julia's favorite fandoms are Marvel, especially Hawkeye and Bucky, with a great fondness for Steve Rogers. Agent Carter is her favorite show. Her current favorite comic books are Thor, Ms Marvel, and Squirrel Girl, and she's obsessed with the Avengers Academy game. Outside of Marvel, she is fond of Rat Queens, Girl Genius, Star Trek, Batman Beyond, and Leverage. The Martian is one of the best movies, and greatest books, she's ever seen/read.

While I LOVE ALL of my customers, Julia is actually Little Petal's number one convertible dress client. She currently owns four dresses, and I have no doubt she is going to be the first to own one per day of the week! She is part of the "free pockets for life club." She has such a high enthusiasm and appreciation for custom work, and immense love of all things nerdy. Whenever she models, she bring the ultimate eccentric glow to her photo sessions. Every time I get an email from her, I immediately brighten up and know that i"m going to have a good day. She always knows just what she wants but let's me work my magic to bring it to life for her- and makes my heart swell with her excited reviews once she receives it. She is a true reminder of why I adore talking to each and every one of my customers.

Thank you Julia for being my constant, repeat Badass Babe. I cannot thank you enough for supporting my little business.