Badass Babe of the Week: Lilin Davis

Lilin is currently studying audio tech and working as a tutor, with a goal of making music for a living. She writes lyrics and instrumental music (film scores), plays piano, and is a producer and an engineer. She describes her own music as Pre-Raphaelite Punk Rock. Forever the overachiever, she is a fan of the Romantic period piano music and loves to take on pieces (supposedly) beyond her abilities. Her favorite composers are Beethoven, Chopin, and Liszt. Lilin's favorite fandom is the Venture Brothers, (her next dress will be Councilwoman Dr. Mrs. The Monarch). She has a kitty named Cat Mandu or Mr. Mandu or Doodle, who scratches and is friends with her bunny- who is invariably up to no good.

Lilin has been a hugely supportive friend since the beginning of Little Petal who was finally able to get a dress of her own. After a ridiculous amount of requests from customers for a hood add-on, I could not deny Lilin when she messaged asking me to create one. I've watched her go from someone who was shy, depressed, and unsure of herself to a self described Spooky Bitch who posts selfies galore. Watching your friend finally stop feeling trapped and become who they have always felt like they were is amazing. Being allowed to be a part of helping them feel even more beautiful by making them a dress they literally scream in excitement when they receive, is even more amazing. (Or maybe I screamed in excitement, who's counting?)

Thank you Lilin, for constantly telling everyone about my company even before you owned a dress. I cannot imagine how many people you will tell about it now. I am SO proud of you just for being you, and cannot wait till you are back in NY where you belong. Dream big, my love. You are one of the most intelligent souls I've ever met; you can do anything.