Badass Babe of the Week: Victoria Long

Victoria is currently a nanny and personal assistant for a vendor company that specializes in pop culture conventions. She is also going back to school for agriculture to help solve America's food crisis. Through her job, she gets to travel all over the country and meet people like Peter Mayhew. She volunteers with at-risk youths teaching them about gardening. She is passionate about sex positivity and LGBT actions. Her favorite fandoms are scifi, fantasy, marvel (especially Iron Man), anime (Naruto, SAO, Record of Lodoss Wars, InuYasha), and has a huge love of books (HP, Dresden Files, anything David Eddings). But most of all, she has always been obsessed with Starfire and Nightwing.

Victoria is one of the most capable humans I have ever met. She is quite possibly the person whose work ethic is closest to on par with mine- which is the highest compliment I can give someone. Victoria has worked for me at my 15 hour a day every day for 25 days straight outdoors December job, and she has been a booth babe, and in both cases, I was constantly overwhelmed by how impressed I was with her. I've never met someone who absorbed information so quickly or who really understands what putting the whole of yourself into working means. This girl is my kindred spirit. She will go as far in life as she allows herself to (and I hope that she sees that). Anyone who ever has the opportunity to have this girl work with them, better swoop her up while they can. She will better your company and she will better you.

Thank you Victoria for buying a dress just because you wanted to support a small business, and for wearing it allllllll over the country. And thank you for letting me occasionally be your boss lady and keeping me sane.