Badass Babe of the Week: Emily Wagner

Emily is a former Young Adult Librarian at Lucius Beebe Memorial Library who is in the process of shifting careers into publishing. She helps run a small literary science fiction and fantasy convention called Readercon, where she is in her third year as Program Chair. She has four cats, that she adopted with her wife all pretty much at the same time as kittens- which she swears was the best idea ever, despite how bonkers that sounds. She also used to fly stunt kites competitively when she was a kid (I love all the adorable tidbits I find out about my customers through this weekly feature!) Emily loves all sorts of fandoms, but because she owns three dresses, I specifically asked her why she chose those characters, and her answer was as rad as she is. "My first dress was LSP. I picked her because I love fat lady characters with attitude. She's silly and rude and she knows she's awesome. My second dress was Ursula and, huh, I guess most of what I just said applies there too. I've loved her for a long time and just have a lot of feelings about octopuses anyway. Who DOESN'T want to be a sea witch though am I right? My third dress is Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers. She's a pilot with superpowers and goes out into space to deal with her stuff and save whole galaxies. She's smart but sometimes she'd prefer to just punch things. She has a cat that turns out to be a weird alien thing with a million babies and she doesn't care because Chewie is still her cat. Three badass ladies doing what they need to do and inspiring me all the time."

Emily first contacted me on Etsy after reading my Daily Dot interview with one of the most endearing messages I have ever gotten. She said she "nearly started crying, because the other day I thought about searching for an LSP dress but KNEW that I wouldn't find them in plus sizes and figured the irony would actually kill me dead. Thanks for these incredibly cool dresses and custom sizing." Her first email though, was actually just the simple question of "Is it possible to put pockets in the skirts of your dresses?" At the time, I only put them in my own because I can't live without them/I hate carrying purses and it is too time consuming to put them in all of the dresses because I have to construct the skirts differently/ offering pockets as an add-on felt weird. Emily convinced me that I should absolutely offer them because pockets are worth it- and she was proven very right based on the reactions I've received from everyone who opts to get them. SO Emily is the reason I started offering pockets! She also knows as much about my company as I do. When she comes for a photoshoot or offers to booth babe or talks about my dresses online, I just sit back and let her talk because watching how passionate my customers are about my product is an incomparable feeling. I cannot count the amount of women who have told me they heard about Little Petal through her.

Thank you Emily, for convincing me that my time is valuable and pockets rule, and for being one of my most supportive customers- I cannot wait to make a dress for your wife.