Badass Babe of the Week: Leanna Stager!

Leanna is the Scholarly Publications Librarian at Hofstra- School of Medicine. Unlike one of her many obsessions, Welcome to Nightvale, she is a librarian who can be trusted. Contact with her will not lead to fatality. She is a huge Korra, Steven Universe, and Gravity Falls nerd, as well as Doctor Who and Firefly. Leanna is also the webmistress for and my head booth babe at conventions. She is a knitter and a baker and a cook and general maker of yummy things. She is co-producing a horror movie titled Theresa and Allison. Leanna is the only woman I know who was in a fraternity... because she is just a self aware unstoppable Queen. I wanted to write a thousand other awesome things about her but she asked me not to.

Leanna is my platonic better half and the driving force behind Little Petal. If you have been to the booth at any convention, you have met her. She's the girl that looks better in my dresses than I do. She selflessly uses her vacation days at her actual job to drive sometimes up to fifteen hours each way or fly across the country then stand all weekend to sell my dresses with me, just because she believes in my company so much. (I'm sure the flocks of women telling her how pretty she looks also helps). She lets me bounce ideas off her daily and helps me with all the little things that exhaust me just to think about doing. She is the "Danielle Wrangler." She is the type of friend who brings you your favorite ice cream and a box of your favorite cereal when she knows you've been up working for three days straight and are too stressed out to stop to go to the grocery store. I literally could not run my company without this girl's existence. I cannot imagine she could ever truly understand just how thankful I am that she is in my life. All I can do is keep telling her. She is by far, one of the most important people I will ever know.

Thank you Leanna, for being my badass right hand lady and my greatest friend.