Badass Babe of the Week: Melissa Lorenzana

Melissa is a native New Yorker who teaches immigrant students English. She recently relocated to Florida for some fun in the sun and to make all of her friends jealous of her near constant Disney adventures. Her fandoms range from the Justice League to Doctor Who, but are mainly book based. Calling her a massive comic book nerd is an understatement. Her first crush was Matt Murdock, when she was 7 years old, but now her heart beats solely for Wally West. Loud Melissa was also a booker for the longtime New York DIY punk venue ABC No Rio.

I met Melissa behind the merch table at ABC No Rio while I was constructing a wedding veil for a Zatanna dress. I needed a head to momentarily model it on so she excitedly offered hers up. Sparks immediately flew when she found out what my company was (and that I played hand saw in the punk band she booked for that show). She nailed her photoshoot with her vivid tattoos and vivacious personality that practically jumped out of the screen. She was one of my first convertible dress customers, and the sheer amount of genuine compliments she gave me in regards to fit and comfort of her dress furthered my realization of just how few companies really pay attention to plus size women and how I will never be able to understand how hard that must be; so the least I can do is make sure my customers always feel magnificent. Melissa is someone who holds an extra special place in my heart because she was very vocal to me that my sobriety helped her on her own journey. I am incredibly proud of how strong she is, and could pick no better time than when she's about to hit her one year milestone to highlight how badass she is.

Thank you for being my sober sister and for always talking nerdy with me. Double wedding= you & Wally, me & Hal <3