Badass Babe of the Week: Tammy Demko

Tammy is a dental hygienist and a Dryad Enchantress, constantly hiking or camping, and finding inner peace through nature. Her goal is to work to live so she can scratch her travel itch often. Her bucket list is never-ending, and stretches further with each trip she takes. Tammy is truly connected to mother Earth. She uses essential oils to make products that are all natural and good for your body, such as toothpaste and deodorant (which I've actually used on my tattoos!). She plans to expand to using herbs and growing plants to make her own tinctures and home remedies as well as health and beauty products. During the winter, she gets her workout fix via yoga and aerial silks. Tammy also creates gorgeous crotchet pieces from hats to reconstructed vintage shirts. Her favorite animes are Death Note, My Love Story, the Studio Ghibli movie collection, Samurai Champloo, and her first love- Inuyasha. She is always looking for new suggestions! Her current cartoon obsession is Rick and Morty, and while this is not a fandom, as long as I've known Tammy, she has been enamored with Saves the Day.

Tammy has been my best friend for over 16 years, which is more than half of the time we've spent on this planet. I've watched her grow from a girl who never left NJ in her entire life, to someone with a likeminded travelers heart who feels stifled when they aren't roaming the country. I feel as if I was able to see her transform into who she always wanted to be, and it will never stop being exciting to watch her spread her wings. The oneness she has found within herself and wisdom she evokes during our conversations is something I cherish. I try to internalize her words and grow from them. She also taught me how to sew when we were sixteen, so without her, there literally would be no Little Petal! There is no one that I hold dearer to my heart which is why she is my Valentine's Day Badass Babe of the Week.

Thank you Tammy, my Tambi, Tambone: for always being there for me. You will forever be my platonic life partner, and I will love you more and more as we get older and wiser and continuously more attractive than when we were young and foolish and mall goths. Drop a pin on a map, we can go anywhere.