Badass Babe of the Week: Amanda Retotar!

Amanda is currently a photo editor for the Daily Mail (or as she refers to it, an online newspaper with a bunch of British people). She is also a fellow Pratt cat like myself! She is currently writing letters to Charles Raby, an inmate on Death Row in Texas, and photographing his letters. I highly recommend checking them out here: Amanda's favorite fandoms are Xena, Doctor Who, Star Trek, the X-Files, and anything and everything else Gillian Anderson, our Queen, has done. She has also built her own personal fandom around her cat, Mr. Pibb. (who I try to match photos with of my dog every time she posts an obscure posed cat picture). 

Amanda is a sci-fi cat, punk rock photographer, boss bitch feminist Queen. She was one of my first custom comic book convertible dress customers, back when all of the photos were taken on my camera phone in my backyard. It was totally in line with her personality that she would get a dress based on Lucy Flawless. Her sense of humor is so dry and unforgivingly real that every conversation is always refreshing. I can never delete my personal facebook account simply because her status' are comedic gold. She is just so in line with my "girls rule, boys drool" mentality that I love every aspect of her. The way I view this girl is "me but cooler."

Thank you Amanda, for being one of my first customers and for being one of my favorite humans to nerd out with about anything... especially how much more amazing women are than men!