Badass Babe of the Week: Eve Cowan

Eve works at a photo print lab and does photography, while crafting and sewing on the side. Her Etsy shop, ThatCreativeFox, mainly focuses on super hero themed cats but occasionally features other fandoms such as My Little Pony and Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. She loves special requests, and her most popular character is Catpools. Her favorite fandoms are MLP, Doctor Who, Star Wars, all superheroes, Jem, Disney, TMNT, Pokemon, and of course Avatar! Eve loves cosplaying and creating props for the characters. For Halloween, she was Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph and made her kart! Check it out on her Instagram at omgpopphoto

Eve ordered her Korra dress at Baltimore Comic Con 2014 so she'd have something fun and comfortable to cosplay in while vending at conventions. I love that she ties in her own style by wearing her pabu backpack and her appa on her head. She calls it her "korrabound" (like disney bounding with korra)! I'm someone who owned about a million stuffies as a kid/ still own quite a few, so I absolutely adore her crafting and always enjoy seeing what new kitty she comes up with. I have a particular soft spot for other nerdy vendors who own my dresses.

To check out her Etsy shop:

Thank you Eve for being one of my first vendor customers and for always looking outrageously adorable when you pop by my booth in your dress!