Badass Babe of the Week: Laura Longtine-Rosado

Laura is both the owner of PopCycled Baubles and a Database Administrator for a local non-profit. She is a statistics and data guru. At PopCycled, she creates unique comic book jewelry and accessories such as pendants, earrings, bracelets, key chains, paperweights, and coaster sets (my personal favorite) from upcycled comic books. She also makes hair clips and head bands which are too cute for this world. Her and her husband, Shaun, travel all over the country to vend at comic book conventions when they are not at their full-time jobs. Laura's favorite characters are Maleficent, Eeyore, Cthulhu and all Lovecraft stories, Darkness from Legend, and Rainbow Dash. Her favorite fandoms are Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, and frankly, everything, because that's what happens when you are a vendor who makes everything (she didn't say that, I just know from experience). She started her crafting skills by making Doll Houses as a teenager, and would have a house full of them with painted ceilings and electric wiring if it wouldn't be weird.

Laura bought a dress after head honcho booth babe, Leanna, stopped by her booth at HeroesCon 2014 to buy some of her gorgeous coasters, and literally walked her back to our booth. She now owns three, and still asks me/Leanna to tie them for her when we are at conventions together because she knows we will. Considering how many customers see her in her dresses then come to my table, I would never complain anyway. Laura is, by far, the most dedicated person I have ever met. Just knowing her inspires me to do more. I'm not sure that I accurately described the amount that she works- and also sounds pepped about always having new ideas for items to put at her booth- but I am constantly, endlessly amazed by this woman. Conventions are really the only time that I leave my house (other than when I am on tour with World/Inferno), so I always try to find after parties to attend each night. Laura, however, always brings her sewing machine, scissors, and hot glue gun so that her and Shaun can go back to their hotel each night and work for hours to prep for the next day. They are Little Petal's vendor besties so I have seen this in action and while I tease them (because I want them to hang out with me during the few times a year I see them), I am really very much in awe. This is both "relationship goals" and "inspirational women I look up to" at it's absolute highest for me. She is also very open about mental health issues- ours being very similar to each other, which as someone who constantly strives to smash stigmas, I really adore. While it is the most satisfying thing in the world, this line of work is not easy. The hours are constant. The pay per hour is barely minimum wage. Days/weekends off do not exist. You constantly have to explain your worth to people who already know it. It is very difficult not to get burnt out. And when I see Laura, I think, if she can do this with another full-time job, then I can do this too, because we both love what we do so much. I also think, God I wish she would quit her other job and do PopCycled full-time because she's so creative (but that's her decision). And lastly, I think, thank God she has Shaun so she doesn't have to do this alone.

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If you will be at NYCC, visit booth 1883 and buy something because everything is perfect. If you've been to my booth at a convention, you should recognize Margot who is helping out if you visit on Friday or Saturday. Give her a high five (you know how we complete sales at Little Petal).

Thank you Laura for being a friend, an inspiration, and someone I can always bounce ideas off of or vent to. The convention circuit is a weird little world and I am so glad I found you in it. I will always tie your dresses for you as long as you (and Shaun) will always keep a night open to go out to dinner with me.