Badass Babe of the Week: Yvette Santana Taveras

Yvette works for the City University of New York. She helps run the New York City Science and Engineering Fair for high School students and the Model NYC Council Project for the College Now program. Her favorite fandoms are Games of Thrones and Walking Dead. Her most loved comic book series are Fables, Saga, and Y: The Last Man. She has a strong affinity for Storm and Wonder Woman. Yvette is a secret Sci-Fi junkie. She loves vegging out on all sorts of zombies and end of the world movies, even those rated 1 star.

Yvette ordered her Daenerys inspired dress at NYCC 2014 and I had not seen a photo of her in it until two weeks ago. My booth babe, Margot, was working NYCC for PopCycled Baubles, saw Yvette walk by, and asked her to stop for a photo to send to me. AND I SCREAMED. And then sent the photo to Leanna. And then emailed Yvette screaming at her about how happy the photo made me, to which she told me she got a million compliments on her dress throughout ComicCon. I just cannot get over how adorably gorgeous she is.

Thank you Yvette for being excited to order a dress forever ago and for rocking the hell out of it so I could be cheered up while I wasn't there this year.