The Badass Babe Who Started It All: Rebecca Schlappich

Once upon a time, the violinist of my favorite band and my dear friend, asked me to make her a dress that she could bring on tour with her that she could wear each night but not feel like she was wearing the same outfit. Little did she know that by asking me to make her a convertible dress, it would bud the idea for my entire company!

Rebecca is a punk rock violin virtuosa who's bringing sexy Bach to every stage she sets foot on. Her beauty pageant background and classical music upbringing make her a rock 'n' roll anomaly who has really come into her own. Some of the bands that have been lucky enough to share a stage with her are Kiss Kiss, World/inferno Friendship Society, Wakey Wakey, River City Extension, and Mariachi El Bronx. Her favorite things to nerd out to are Amadeus (literally seen it 15 times), Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Dune. She is a cheese-oholic with an appreciation for craft beers; and is a hiking, swimming, Muay Thai jack-of-all-trades. She has a deep understanding of music theory, teaches lessons (she moved and I need a new violin teacher!), and constantly strives to learn new instruments- accordion, guitar, you name it. My personal favorite thing that I learned about Rebecca from this is that Mickey Mouse conducted her in the Disney young musicians orchestra at age 13. Possibly one of the most badass things about her is her work with Cultures in Harmony, a non-profit organization that brings music lessons to foreign countries such as Cameroon and the Philippines.

Thanks Rebecca, for being Little Petal's very first Badass Babe of the Week, and our very first convertible dress order! I will never get tired of hearing everyone ask me if that is the same dress that you look so gorgeous in each night of tour, wrapped a different way!

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Little Petal's very first Badass Babe of the Week, Rebecca

Little Petal's very first Badass Babe of the Week, Rebecca