2016: Year of the Badass Babes

Happy New Year Little Petal Multiverse!

As you know, Little Petal is an incredibly small company that is completely customer oriented. We love creating your dress with you- designing it based on whatever fandom you love, custom making it to your measurements, and hearing you squee over it! Our goal is always to empower women, so we really admire Her Universe’s Fangirl of the Day for showcasing strong nerdy women all over the world. While we love their concept, we really want to do something to show appreciation for our customers specifically, so we have decided that each week we will have a badass customer babe of the week!

The joy of owning a small business is that you interact with every customer on a personal level, so we get to learn so much about a lot of you as you place your orders at conventions and through your beautifully geeky written emails. We are so thankful for each and every order. Every picture or review we get back actually means the world to us, because knowing you love the dress we custom made for you is why we do what we do.

If you would love to be featured as our Badass Customer Babe of the Week, please email us a photo of you in your Little Petal dress and tell us all about yourself! Even if you have already sent a photo of you in your dress, or we talk every day and I know you are a killer queen, OR MOST IMPORTANTLY if you for some reason do not think you are a badass babe- send a message to badassbabes@littlepetal.net If you own a Little Petal dress, you are automatically a badass babe.

Never be boring. Always feel beautiful. Anything could happen. <3