Badass Babe of the Week: Kathy Denise!

Kathy is a third grade school teacher (who makes the silliest facebook status' about what that is like). She started as a second grade teacher and was given the opportunity to follow them up to third grade because it helps children in their education to have a teacher they already know and love with them once they are in the testing grades. Kathy loves Batman and Cheshire from Young Justice and is a BBC nut, especially Sherlock and the 9th Doctor. Harry Potter books are her go to when she needs an escape.

Kathy was a convention customer who came to my booth at HeroesCon 2014 about a dozen times just to compliment us and keep us cheery. It was one of the first conventions Little Petal vended at, and very far from home so I was nervous at how we would be received. Every time she came by, it was an immediate spirit lifter. "This adorable girl is still visiting us, we're doing great." At the end of the weekend, she put a deposit on a dress because she loved them so much and wanted the convention discount, and said she would just pick out a character later. Every convention since then, I've had one super adorable customer like her that I lovingly refer to as my "Kathy of the Con", who helps me keep my confidence through the weekend.

Thank you Kathy for being the Badass Babe of the Week and my little beacon of hope!