Badass Babe of the Week: Samantha Beard!

This week's Badass Babe is one of my favorite West Coast Customers! Samantha is a true cosplay beauty. She is someone who truly understands the labor that goes into custom work and is rabid about supporting small brands, large brands, honestly any brand that lets her showcase how adorably nerdy she is. From Little Petal alone, she owns a custom Loki dress, Doctor Strange dress, Maleficent tutu, and of course, a t-shirt! When I asked her why she chose Loki, she said she views him as layered and nuanced in a very rare way that made her fall in love with the character. She says her dress instills her with a sense of beauty and badass-ness that is so awesome to find in a dress that it makes her feel like she could take on the God of Thunder himself! She is also a proud puppy parent- which I relate to. She moved 3000 miles away from her family partially so that she could spend more of her time immersed in the world of fandom. Living in southern California affords so many opportunities to randomly meet other enthusiasts, artists, and writers in the field. She is currently busy crunching numbers at her software job but her dream is to find her own path into the professional world of creating fiction.

When Samantha found Little Petal, she was so thrilled that she finally found a company able to make a Loki dress, that she also ordered a Batman inspired dress for her best friend, Alanah! I was lucky enough to get to spend the weekend with them last year when Little Petal vended at WonderCon, CA. They both offered to booth babe for a couple hours so I could actually see the convention. It's always impressively heartwarming to me when my customers know as much about my company as I do! But the best part of the experience was watching the way the two of them interacted with each other throughout the weekend. They were a constant support team for each other; always complimenting one another; never even accidentally putting down or being sharp with the other; only ever building up their friendship and self esteem. The only moments of frustration were met with a few seconds of reflection instead of immediate escalation of the situation and then unspoken or heartfelt apologies followed by love and laughter. I've honestly never witnessed a friendship as healthy as this and I really took a great lesson of self reflection and how to achieve this with the women I love more often.

Thank you Samantha, for being one hell of a Badass Babe and supportive customer, but also for helping me in my never-ending quest of being a better feminist and woman all around!