Badass Babe of the Week: Yasmine Arrington!

I can honestly say that I love all of my customers and all of my models, but the pride I feel for this week's Badass Babe is something special. Please read all the way till the end!! I met Yasmine by cold call messaging her to ask her if she would model a dress that a customer would not be able to model herself because she lived too far away. In response, she asked to buy a dress for herself inspired by Princess Jasmine, who she has always felt a strong connection with! Yasmine is a translation of the name Jasmine (how cool is that?). When I finally met her in person, I was completely taken back by just how positive and uplifting her spirit is. Everything about her photoshoot was so professional that I could not believe her when she told me she has been trying to model clothing for years, but I was the first fashion designer she modeled for (side note: your loss, dummies). This is the type of girl who I wish I could give job recommendation after job recommendation for.

Other than being the sweetest girl in the world, the reason why I am so immensely proud of Yasmine is because she is the Executive Director of a nonprofit called ScholarCHIPS (For Children of Incarcerated Parents). The non-profit provides college scholarships to high school students whose parents are incarcerated. To date, ScholarCHIPS has awarded over $80,000 in college scholarships, positively impacting 23 scholars! THIS MAKES YASMINE THE ULTIMATE BADASS BOSS BITCH. On top of this, she is still in school getting her Masters. She's also a total Disney nerd who loves roller rink skating and traveling. She is so hardworking, and so damn modest, and so deserving of being spotlighted.

I'm so proud to call you Little Petal's Badass Babe of the Week Yasmine. PLEASE model for me anytime! <3