A toast to new adventures (with Shirley Temples because I don't drink ;)


Thank you ladies (and gents) for checking out the all new Little Petal website! My over-the-top-incredible head booth babe extraordinaire, Leanna, has spent pain-staking hours making me a site that we think you all will love: with easy to navigate shop pages, tutorials, care for instructions, faqs, reviews (my personal favorite page which features never before posted photos of your favorite dresses), and of course, this little blog.

Check back here often for sneak peak photos of new dresses- we have over twenty new designs that have not been posted yet! Follow us on all of our crazy convention adventures, visit us if you can, and send us advice on where to stuff our faces after standing all day dancing in place talking to all of the babes who visit our table! Be the first to know about special offers, such as this one: THE FIRST TEN NEW ORDERS PLACED THROUGH THE WEBSITE IN APRIL WILL RECEIVE FREE POCKETS. Please tell us any ways we can make this website better for you, or any ways I can make my company better for you. After all, without all of you amazing ladies, there really is no Little Petal.

<3 Dani